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The ultimate timber windows & doors

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Enjoy the unobstructed view

Eliminate the boundaries between interior and exterior and maximise the natural light in your home with uninterrupted views. We offer UK’s thinnest timber windows with a stunning contemporary design that are guaranteed to stand out. Plus, our timber windows are highly energy-efficient and Part L compliant.

The lightweight and durable timber frames can make up large openable windows and doors while maintaining a slim profile of 3.7 cm and achieving superior energy efficiency compared to Aluminium or uPVC windows. U-values up to 0.8W/m2K and 38+ colours and finishes.

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Windows for life

Exceptional expected lifetime of 60+ years with up to 10 years of warranty and minimal to no maintenance

Sustainable & eco friendly

Handmade in Italy with responsibly sourced timber from PEFC-certified forests

Endless design freedom

Large opening sashes, numerous opening types and countless design and finish options available

Superb energy efficiency

Оutstanding U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K thanks to cutting-edge technology

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Statement Wooden Windows

Handmade by Italian craftsmen from luxurious PEFC-certified wood. Each frame is structurally built up of multiple timber layers, making the timber windows as strong as steel, while maintaining a low weight and supreme energy efficiency.

High security Argon filled double and a warm edge spacer keep the warm in during cold days and keep the heat out during heatwaves.


  • Superb energy efficiency – overall U-values from 0.8 W/m2K, covering the Passive House standard
  • Timber frames as strong as steel thanks to patented lamellar wood and finger joint technology
  • Argon filled Low-Emissivity glazing, laminated for safety
  • Up to 10 years warranty and 60+ years expected lifetime

Wood types

  • Choose from oak, larch, fir, mahogany, meranti and pine

Wood finishes

  • Custom RAL colour lacquer
  • Multiple stain and varnish options for each wood type
  • We can also match your desired finish if you provide a sample

Handle finishes

  • Over 20 finishes available
  • Flush interior with hidden hinges
  • Astragal bars and classical pofile for an elegant traditional look
  • Integrated rainwater drainage system for external sliding doors
  • Motorised windows and lift & slide doors
  • Embedded alarm sensors
  • Aluminium cladding 

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