Our story

Passion for innovation.

Our Ethos

We believe that high-performance windows crafted from long-lasting sustainable materials should be the focal point of modern home design.

The drafty window

It was 2016 when Hristos spent long days in his rented old Victorian room in the heart of Edinburgh, tirelessly working towards his energy & sustainability degree. With an almost constant draft coming in from the windows, he had no choice but to turn up the heat to stop his hands from getting cold. He kept thinking about the amount of energy wasted and the impact this has on our climate.

It was at that point he realised that any home can be transformed into a green home.

sustainable homes of the future

The sustainable future

After spending time in industry working as a sustainability engineer Hristos decided to take the leap and start Eterno. His research led him to Italy where Europe’s best kept secret windows were manufactured for over 100 years. He partnered up with multi patent-holding manufacturers to bring their state-of-the-art aluminium wood technology to the UK.

A year later he reached out to Momchil and Stela, two entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and sustainability. They joined him on his mission to bring energy-efficient minimalist windows to the British home.

Meet the team

Hristos Pasiamis

Hristos Pasiamis

BEng (Hons), MSc

I want to drive a lasting impact on the world for a greener tomorrow. Sustainable technology and renewable materials are my forte.

Stela Aleksieva

Stela Aleksieva


I’m an expert in all things digital Marketing and client relations. My goal is to spread the word about our sustainable glazing solutions.

Momchil Vasilev

Momchil Vasilev

BEng (Hons), PhD

My science and engineering curiosity has lead me to an engineering PhD. I love business and design, and my biggest asset is my attention to detail.

Deji Johnson

Deji Johnson

MSc, BArch

As a project manager and architect, I take pride in meticulous planning and precise project delivery. My mission is to ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly.

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