Why sciuker frames

Founded in 1996, Sciuker Frames has created a revolutionary system based on a patented and proprietary technology (Stratec technology), which has defined new production and aesthetic standards for the fixtures industry over the years.

Tailor made italian design

The passion for Italian design and product customization have allowed the creation of a tailor-made industry, enhancing the combination between industrial technology and artisanal know-how. Thanks to the continuous search for innovation (Sciuker Frames is a holder of 12 proprietary patents which result in design fixtures with high performance in terms of energy efficiency), the maximum energy efficiency of windows, and the use of wood coming only from PEFC and FSC certified forests, Sciuker Frames can pursue the ideal of sustainability as a constant guideline: protecting the planet and improving people’s lives through Sciuker Frames products.

Today, Sciuker Frames is one of the first operators in the sector of aluminium and wood structural glass fixtures, a position that has been strengthened over the years by a positive growth trend: the company is in constant expansion both on the Italian and foreign markets, with the presence of a direct store and an operating branch in Switzerland.

Market leaders

Since August 2018, Sciuker Frames is the first window company that is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. The choice to enter the Italian Stock Exchange has created a different way of doing business. Sciuker Frames is the first windows company to be listed, bringing a new model into the sector development to support the growth of the Made in Italy companies also with the capital market. Sciuker Frames collections have a widespread diffusion on the market thanks to 300 selected partners, the real base on which Sciuker Frames imprints its commercial policies, 3 direct stores (Avellino, Cagliari and Lugano), and an operating branch in Switzerland.

Sciuker Frames plant has an area of 22000m2 situated in South Italy,and thanks to 1368 photovoltaics the company avoided the emission of 151,616 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to the planting of about 500 trees. Furthermore, 100% of the timber waste is either used for heating of the production plant or sold to local producers of pellets.