Project Highlight: Regent's Park Mews

Enhancing London’s Architectural Heritage with Ultra Slim Timber Windows

Regent’s Park Mews, a prestigious high-end property located in the heart of London, underwent a remarkable transformation that combined classical aesthetics with modern innovation. Our collaboration with Garnett Architecture helped achieve the clients’ goal of complementing the traditional appeal of the building while optimising acoustic and thermal performance through state of the art glazing.

Park Crescent at the foot of Regent’s Park is a true London landmark and an important historical piece of London. The iconic townhouses were designed by the great architect John Nash in the 1800s and thus they have protection in the highest, rarest categories on the National Heritage List. That’s why the project presented a unique challenge for the architectural studio. The objective was to preserve the property’s historical look while incorporating modern features, ensuring an abundance of natural light and minimalist aesthetics.

“This project was a privilege and a fabulous opportunity, although undoubtedly also a complex one. That’s why we were happy to have collaborated with Eterno Windows to achieve the clients’ vision.” – said Christian Garnett from Garnett Architects.

Client Requirements

The clients expected nothing but the best. They wanted to enhance the property’s aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency by replacing the existing windows in the inner courtyard with a state-of-the-art glazing solution. The primary requirements were to achieve ultra-slim frames with glazing bars to maintain the traditional appeal of the building while optimising acoustic and thermal performance.

Architectural Vision

In partnership with the client, the team at Garnett Architecture embarked on a meticulous design process. Their vision was to seamlessly blend classical and contemporary elements, ensuring that the new windows meet the highest standards of style, performance, and sustainability.


Finding ultra-slim timber frames that meet modern performance standards while preserving the building’s historical look required an exceptional partner. The architectural studio and the clients decided to collaborate with Eterno on this project, leveraging our expertise in high-end minimalist windows with superb performance. The timber windows were carefully selected for their durability, sustainability, and ability to maintain the authentic character of the building. In addition, our custom ultra-slim frames replicated the classic glazing bar design flawlessly.

Eterno composite and timber windows installed in Regent Park

Benefits of Eterno Windows

  • Complementing Nash’s Heritage: By utilising ultra-slim timber frames with glazing bars, the new windows seamlessly complemented the historical charm and timeless elegance of the building.
  • Superb Performance & Energy Efficiency: Our high-quality timber frames, combined with advanced glazing technology, ensured superior acoustic insulation – which is essential for properties in the heart of London. At the same time, they ensure energy efficiency that meets Part L regulations and the highest standards, ensuring a comfortable temperature in the home all year long. This also meant the project is more sustainable, thanks to the reduced need for heating and cooling.
  • Maximizing Natural Light: The slim frames and premium glazing allowed for an unparalleled influx of natural light into the interior spaces, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.
  • Breath-taking Views: The strategic placement of the ultra-slim timber windows provides captivating views of the inner court and a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.
  • Professionalism and Collaboration: The client and architectural studio were delighted with the window installation process, praising our professionalism, excellent execution, and seamless communication throughout the project.


Heritage Preservation and Modern Innovation

Regent’s Park Mews stands as a remarkable testament to the successful realisation of an architectural project that delicately balances heritage preservation and modern innovation. The installation of ultra-slim timber windows with glazing bars exemplifies how modern design, craftsmanship, and collaboration can create spaces that are visually stunning, adhering to tradition and sustainable at the same time.

For more information about the brilliant team of architects at Garnett Architecture please visit their website here.


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