Ultra Slim Frame windows and doors – EXO

The EXO window is the first integrated fixture system in aluminium-wood and structural glass-wood that has a central node of only 36mm for lift and slide door and 81 mm for the casement window. Due to technology that involves 120 thin layers of wood stuck together within distance of 12 centimetres the wooden profile becomes as strong as steel and theoretically windows height of 5-5.5 meters can be achieved. The EXO name derives from Greek and it means ‘outside’. This is the main driver which was considered while the Exo line was being created: to create harmony between the interior and exterior environment without a definitive closing of the spaces. With Exo windows the observer feels like interior and exterior fuse with each other. Due to the slim sash, the flow of natural light is enhanced which in turn transforms the interior design into a dynamic place. Like all other collections, Exo is sustainable and innovative and it is ideal for advanced contemporary places. It is available in natural oak and lacquered versions. When it comes to Exo everything changes and evolves. This product comes in 5 versions-with and without hidden hinges, double and triple-glazing, aluminium-wood and wood-structural glass.