Slim Frame Windows & Doors

Thanks to constant innovation of shapes and materials, the extraordinary windows Exo and Offline have been created. The micro-layered manufacturing technology allows very slim windows but also of great mechanical strength (as strong as steel) to be created. Thus exterior and interior fuse and dynamic space is created. The thermal insulation properties аre great which results in good thermal comfort of the occupants of the building

No maintenance

Energy efficient

Hidden frames as strong as steel

Wide range of design options

Performance Lab Tested

Increased security options

Ultra slim Frame windows and doors – OFFLINE

Offline is an integrated multi-laminated system in structural glass-wood and aluminium-wood window of only 36mm thickness for ‘lift and sliding doors’ and 48mm for casement windows.

Slim Frame windows and doors – EXO

The EXO window is the first integrated fixture system in aluminium-wood and structural glass-wood that has a central node of only 36mm for lift and slide door and 81 mm for the casement window.