Isik Collection

Current residential building trends are characterised by clean lines and the absence of superfluous elements. Flush design, concealed hardware and slimmer frames are key characteristic of a contemporary design window. That’s exactly what Isik collection represents. Due to the reduced thickness of the wooden sash (68mm only) the natural light let into the space is increased with 30% compared to standard windows fixtures. The windows from this collection are available in two types: structural glass-wood and aluminium-wood system. Thanks to the careful design and use of materials, windows from the Isik collection successfully materialise projects in which visual comfort, energy efficiency, sound insulation and most importantly bespoke design are required.

No maintenance

Energy efficient

Modern and minimalistic

Wide range of design options

Performance Lab Tested

Increased security options

Structural glass timber windows and doors – Isik SE & SE plus

Isik Se (Emotion) & Se plus windows are based on the contemporary idea of that the window needs to be ‘entirely’ made of glass with a frame as slim as possible.

Discrete Mechanism AluClad timber windows and doors – Isik AE & AE plus

The Isik Ae (emotions) window in wood-aluminium is the end product achieved through Sciuker Frames’ Lab patented technology- Stratec.

AluClad timber windows and doors – Isik A & A plus

Isik A & A PLUS respectively with double and triple glazing system let more light to the interior compared to the standard versions of Sciuker Frames’ windows (e.g Stratek version).