Bespoke Aluminium Wood Windows & Doors

Alu Clad is an innovative technology that combines the aesthetics and energy efficiency of timber with the durability of aluminium. An external layer of aluminium or structural glass is added to the timber frame acting as a shield from the environment. The result – a sustainable and high-quality product that, quite literally, lasts a lifetime.

Our made-to-measure aluminium wood composite windows and doors are designed and made in Italy by the multi-patent holding Sciuker Frames. Cutting-edge technology has made it possible to manufacture the thinnest aluminium wood casement windows on the UK market with a breath-taking minimalist design and superb energy efficiency.

windows for life

Invest in the future of your home, with minimal maintenance and an expected lifetime of 83 years*, aluminium wood composite windows are the most sustainable choice for your project!

*According to research by the Wood Window Alliance

sustainable & eco friendly

Our windows are made from FSC and PEFC sustainability certified wood in a factory that's 80% powered by solar energy! Plus, aluminium wood composite are far more energy-efficient than any other type of windows.

State of the art design

Innovative multilayer technology enables for frames as thin as 36mm and windows and full glass doors as high as 5.5m. All this while achieving superior insulation and protection from the elements through aluminium or toughened glass cladding on the outside.

Highly customisable

Unleash your creativity with one of our 38 unique colours and finishes or design your own! From options like hidden hinges and retractable handles to opening and glass types, the freedom of choice is yours.

Designs tailored to every project

Wide variety of opening types

Choose from a wide variety of tailor-made options: we offer fully reversible, tilt and turn, non-opening, and casement windows with a range of colours and finishes.


We offer an unmatched range of aluminium wood composite window and door styles and sizes of up to 5.5 m high to fit every project. From minimal, classic, French, and bay windows, to lift and slide doors, bathroom windows, and conservation windows for listed buildings.

Premium glazing

All our aluminium wood composite windows and doors are fitted with 4 seasons, low emissivity safety glass by Saint Gobain, the official manufacturers of Airbus windows. We offer double glazed and triple glazed windows with an option for toughened structural glass on the outside.

Our range

Ultra-slim frame

The revolutionary Exo & Offline collections are the thinnest window frames on the UK market thanks to a multi-layer technology, making the timber frames as strong as steel.

Minimalist frame

With its modern and minimalist design, the ISIK collection windows allow for 30% more natural light in your home.

Traditional frame

The Stratek collection is for those looking for a traditional timber look and feel, ideal for listed buildings and classic designs.

Standard frame

With the Skill collection, you can enjoy all the benefits of an Alu Clad timber window at an affordable price.

Innovative technology

Stratec is a patented technology that revolutionised the manufacturing process of Alu Clad and Structural Glass Clad windows. The layered laminated wood ensures a better thermal conductivity, greater stability, homogeneity and reduced weight.

4 layers of different wood are combined through Finger Joint technology which yields a high mechanical strength. Compared to traditional manufacturing processes where the wood sags and bends, the Finger Joint technology prevents any distortion and allows for wooden frames of up to 5.5 metres to be manufactured.

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