Alu clad windows - the next generation of glazing

5 reasons to choose alu clad windows for your home

Alu clad timber windows are the latest innovation made of high-quality timber on the inside that is protected from the elements by an aluminium cladding on the outside. They’re not only more aesthetically pleasing than uPVC and aluminium windows, thanks to the beautiful timber frame inside, but they also provide far better insulation, keeping your home naturally warm.

Here are the key benefits and our top 5 reasons why you need aluminium clad timber windows in your home.

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1. Unmatched performance & energy efficiency

There’s a reason alu clad timber windows are considered the next generation of glazing. Their unrivalled energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance are turning them into a preferred solution for the modern sustainable home.

We take the innovation a step further. A world-leading Italian design and years of research and expertise have lead to the creation of the ultimate alu clad window. Our bespoke design pushes the boundaries of engineering with extreme energy efficiency, durability, and unmatched aesthetics.

Thanks to cutting edge technology our exclusive line of alu clad timber windows have a superb energy efficiency compared to uPVC, aluminium and other alu clad options on the market. They provide an amazing overall U values of 0.8W/m2K even with double glazing, making them Part L and Passive House compliant. This means your home will stay warm during the winter and will not overheat during the summer months.


conifer forrest FSC certified wood

2. The sustainable choice

Alu clad windows are more sustainable than uPVC, aluminium or timber-only options. Again, we take it to the next level by only using trees from FSC certified forests. This means that by choosing our alu clad windows you can lower your CO2 emissions and your energy bills, contributing to the Net Zero goal and to a greener future for our planet.

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3. Maintenance free life

Another added benefit is that unlike traditional timber frames which require painting and varnishing, alu clad wooden windows need virtually no maintenance. All you will need to do to maintain them is wash and clean the exterior! Easy.

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4. Unmatched durability

Alu clad windows are built to last. Our revolutionary system allows us to manufacture more durable windows that are expected to last twice as long as aluminium windows (at least 60 years). This makes alu clad windows an excellent investment for your home that will pay off in time.

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5. Unsurpassed aesthetics and design possibilities

Alu clad timber windows are more aesthetically pleasing, as you can have the warm feeling of timber on the inside.

If you choose our alu clad windows you will get an unsurpassed design freedom. By combining our innovative technology and the design-led team of Italian engineers, we can offer an unmatched variety of frame designs – from traditional styles to ultra slim frames, 38 standard colours and finishes, or you can even choose a custom RAL colour!

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