Why alu clad

Alu clad timber windows are the latest innovation made of high-quality timber on the inside that is protected from the elements by an aluminium cladding on the outside. They’re not only more beautiful than aluminium windows, but they also provide far better insulation, keeping your home naturally warm.

However, most alu clad windows you’ll find are simply an aluminium profile with a single type of wood glued to the interior. This makes the profiles a worse insulator, less durable, and less aesthetically pleasing.

Eterno stratec technology developed in Italy

We revolutionise alu clad windows

Our exclusive alu clad timber windows are manufactured with the patented Stratec technology which combines stratified finger jointed layers of softwood and hardwood to make the frames lighter. This also makes our windows extremely energy efficient with overall U values of 0.6W/m2K, meaning your home will stay warm during the winter and will not overheat during the summer months.

By adding softwood, we give our windows better insulation and make them lightweight and by adding hardwood we make them more durable. The outer layer is also made of natural hardwood veneer to create a beautiful finish and give your window a unique character.

That way the multi-layered wooden profile becomes robust and can carry windows as high as 4.5 m with ultra-slim frames of 36 mm thin.

Zero maintenance, 100s of design possibilities

This revolutionary system also allows us to manufacture more durable windows that are expected to last twice as long as Aluminium windows (at least 83 years). This makes alu clad windows an excellent investment for your home that will pay off in time.

Another huge advantage is that unlike traditional timber frames which require painting and varnishing, alu clad timber windows do not require any special treatment and are virtually maintenance-free.

By combining Stratec technology and the design-led team of Italian engineers, we can also offer an unsurpassed variety of frame designs – from traditional styles to ultra slim frames and you can pick from 38 colours and finishes, or you can even choose a custom RAL colour!

conifer forrest FSC certified wood

The eco-friendly choice

Traditionally, window manufacturing is very energy intensive, however, our factory is 80% powered by solar panels and all our alu clad windows are made from sustainably sourced FSC & PEFC timber. This means that by choosing our alu clad windows you can lower your CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener planet.


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