The Team

Hristos Pasiamis

Founder and director

Momchil Vasilev

Business development director & partner

Stela Aleksieva

Marketing director and partner

About Us

Eterno LTD, the major and only partner of Sciuker Frames in the UK, is registered in Scotland SC646360, KY11 9JN, VAT number GB346099967. With the idea of sustainability and energy efficiency, the CEO and founder of the company Hristos Pasiamis (energy and environmental engineer) ,established Eterno LTD. Hristos  graduated with a  bachelor’s  degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Edinburgh Napier Univeristy  and with Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems from the Univeristy of Edinburgh. Furthermore, Hristos has experience in the energy engineering sector as he had been previously appointed on several big project based in the London area.