Stratek Collection

Stratek collection windows is named after the revolutionary Sciuker Frames Frames patented technology called Stratec.The latter is a unique manufacturing process invented for the first time in the world by Sciuker Frames to manufacture engineered wood that is characterised by greater stability,greater mechanical strength,non-deformability,greater thermal insulation,wide range of colours and lacquering and homogeneity of the grains.The Stratec city collection windows are of the aluminium-wood type. Due to the 90° external coupling the windows from this collection evoke the charm of traditional wooden windows in classic & listed buildings. Windows from this collection are ideal for refurbishment projects and listed buildings.

No maintenance

Energy efficient

Timeless Design

Wide range of finishes

Performance Lab Tested

Increased security options

Traditional AluClad timber windows & doors - Stratek C & C Plus

Stratek C & C plus respectively with double and triple glazing system are of wood aluminium type.This model is a pure expression of design and it is ideal for historic buildings due to its ‘clasic’glazing bead.

Thicker traditional AluClad timber windows & doors - Stratek 80

Stratek 80 & 80 plus with double and triple glazing are windows in aluminium-wood that gives high performance with angular coupling of the shutters, 90° outside and 45° inside. The windows from this collection have thicker cross section for those who prefer more wood incorporated into the sash and the frame.