Aluminium protected timber windows and doors – Skill plus and Skill

Skill window is made of wood & legatec combination. Legatec is a special aluminium alloy protection placed on the exterior part of the wooden window, the aim of which is to protect the wood from atmospheric agents and scratches. As in all the other Sciuker Frames products, maintenance is going to be eliminated forever. The entire collection is an exclusive product of Sciuker Frames Lab and features two patents. The first one is the Legatec Overlap Thermal Profile technology, obtained with the application of a foil made of a technologic aluminium alloy, that has an acrylic resin-based film with high performance on the external side of the wood by means of polyurethane thermostatic insulating adhesives: it avoids maintenance, reduces the profile heating, preserves its gleam for the whole product life, and is scratch-resistant too. The second patent is for the angular coupling of the shutters, 90° outside and 45° inside, that makes this collection of fixtures perfect for renovations, even in old centres houses. Skill windows can be offered with either special glass fiber reinforced polymer or wooden casing. Skill is a preferred option for big buildings where aesthetics, thermal insulation and cost are crucial.

No maintenance

Energy efficient

Affordable Quality

Performance Lab Tested

Increased security options

The standard glazing system is Planitherm 4-s (4 seasons, smart glass) which is manufactured by Saint Gobain. Upon client’s requests, there are many different options of different glazing systems’ combinations such as low emissivity ,4D tempered glass, soundproof glasses and so on. The U values of the glazing system ranges between 1 and 1.2 W/m2K for double glazing.

Skill PLUS (triple glazed) – Uw up to 0.9 W/m2K
Skill (double glazed) – Uw up to 1.2W/m2K

Sash cross-section is 69×70 mm whereas window frame’s cross section is 62x70mm

Threshold of the window has a height of 49 mm, whereas the window door has Transit threshold of 24mm in height suitable for walking or the passage of wheels (demolition of architectural barriers)

The glass spacer is ‘warm edge’ and unlike many other windows manufacturers which use aluminium glass spacers, Sciuker’s glass spacers are polymeric, with special filling inside, which substantially improves the thermal performance of the windows

Sound insulation improved with 42dB

No visible gaskets for design aesthetics

Internal and external special siliconisation for better performance

Anti-tamper hardware made by ‘Mako’, with multi-point locking perimeter swing panel mechanism and micro-aeration. First and second  security level.